Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ed's Kickstart

Some of you might already know Ed Fortae from TFM, the miniature industry's fairy godmother, recently launched his own crowdfunding project, "Assimilation Alien Host".

Here's the current status:

At first, I didn't get the project is actually about redoing the shown sculpts in a smaller scale and slightly different design, Keep that in mind ! The info on the project page is quite confusing, without the video, I must admit, it wouldn't have gotten to me.

Everyone crazy about weirdish aliens or in a mood to support, grab your bargain :) !



  1. Interessting, there seems to be a growing trend towards "cloud funding" for minis..I´m directly involved in one already and attached to another.
    PS..the fairies look great !

    1. Thanks Paul, sorry for the late reply, a lot of stuff got in the way lately, hoping to sort things out very soon :) !

      I'm a big fan of crowd financing. Even in a bigger picture it's great - no overproduction of economical goods and all new methods of marketing.