Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween, Movember's coming !

Almost every obstacle is passed, now the most rare and valuable factor needs to be managed - spare time to cast and make moulds :) ! Uni bombed me a little in the past weeks. I'll be doomed if this takes yet another month !

P.S.: If you are blessed with the sacred gift of being able to grow facial hair, join the Movember fun !


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Ed's Kickstart

Some of you might already know Ed Fortae from TFM, the miniature industry's fairy godmother, recently launched his own crowdfunding project, "Assimilation Alien Host".

Here's the current status:

At first, I didn't get the project is actually about redoing the shown sculpts in a smaller scale and slightly different design, Keep that in mind ! The info on the project page is quite confusing, without the video, I must admit, it wouldn't have gotten to me.

Everyone crazy about weirdish aliens or in a mood to support, grab your bargain :) !


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

fairy masters and cookie

Just so you're up to date, I managed to get some satisfying masters of some of the sculpts, see for yourself (at least see what you can on those mediocre photos; again, I apologize for not using a better cam, I'll post better pics once I'm less busy). Right now, a few variations are in the making. 

Oh, and here's a 'Jabberwocor', apparently sculpted from Oreo, on a 40mm circular biscuit:

He's going to get the paint-job of a lifetime ... I hope - haven't picked up a brush in a long time

Cheers à tout :) !

P.S.: Go Muppets.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

sunday sketching

old school sketching, no image editing or computer tools. It's simply a concept, the artwork will either be crayon on cardboard or acryl.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

one last rtv mould

This is the latest and hopefully last rtv mould (no more sculpting with plastic, superglue and polymers !), I remember hearing someone call moulds like these "trash moulds" (lots of stuff that doesn't really make sense together), an appropriate name for something that, in this case, kind of originated from trash.

I'm very satisfied with how it turned out, no air entrapment where it could be harmful, now it's about making the right cuts (wouldn't be much of a deal if I hadn't been that stingy with space again).
You can see only one half, that's right. I managed to get all the interesting detail into one half, which also makes the separation a lot easier.
The rpm might have to be increased a little for the Jabberwocor, we'll see. As long as there's a few decent castings coming from this mould it served it's purpose.

Usually, you should give these moulds a few (4-7) days rest for the silicone oils to temper and the alcohols to dissipate, which means I can't use it before the end of next week. Well then ... :)


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Alien Hybrids, 28mm bits

Today, I spontaneously decided to pick up a few old masters I cast some months ago, before I somewhat went away from 28mm. Some are quite messy, I experimented with different alloys and mold-cutting, but there's nothing a blade, a file and a bit of green stuff can't fix :) - off for work, lazy me !

Aliens never had a really great impact on me - alien hybrid types, however, always held a certain fascination.

Also today, it's German Unity Day, which made me think a little. Not about the reunification in particular, but about history in general. I happened to come across a little pond a few posts ago and forget to mention it's actually the remains of a crater from the various WWII air strikes in Kiel, 14.05.1943 - 04.04.1945

Several thousands (6000-6.500) of bombs have been dropped on the 14th of mai alone, a wonder 'only' 354 people died this day.

War is nuts.

Cheers :) !