Saturday, 6 October 2012

one last rtv mould

This is the latest and hopefully last rtv mould (no more sculpting with plastic, superglue and polymers !), I remember hearing someone call moulds like these "trash moulds" (lots of stuff that doesn't really make sense together), an appropriate name for something that, in this case, kind of originated from trash.

I'm very satisfied with how it turned out, no air entrapment where it could be harmful, now it's about making the right cuts (wouldn't be much of a deal if I hadn't been that stingy with space again).
You can see only one half, that's right. I managed to get all the interesting detail into one half, which also makes the separation a lot easier.
The rpm might have to be increased a little for the Jabberwocor, we'll see. As long as there's a few decent castings coming from this mould it served it's purpose.

Usually, you should give these moulds a few (4-7) days rest for the silicone oils to temper and the alcohols to dissipate, which means I can't use it before the end of next week. Well then ... :)


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