Tuesday, 16 April 2013

warfairy.net is online

warfairy.net is finally online and working with the first four 15mm fantasy products now available.

Rooted Treefolk, deceased forest spirits living on in the hearts of trees
Gnome Snipers, few descendants of a once great ancient race of gnomes fallen to magic and technology
The Jabberwocor, a fearsome and weird creature, believed to be legendary by most

As a thank-you to everyone who didn't write us off while waiting there will be 10% off off everything until the 30th of april.

We'll constantly establish and buld up various little ranges in all of which fairies will be present, one way or the other. There'll be bigger creatures too, and , at some point, a few historical miniatures.

These ranges will include miniatures for your 15mm fantasy or sci-fi games and projects, be it skirmish games, dungeoncrawl or army battles.

Things have been sorted out, the sun is shining here, it feels like summer, what a great day! I'm excited to see where this leads. Feel free to share this to anyone interested, of course :) !


                  Nico  :)