Tuesday, 6 March 2012

RTV Master Mould, 50%

The first half cured perfectly and the second is in the process of curing. Here's a little picture of the upper half (still waxed at this point, some gates already pre-cut, no vents yet):

if everything goes as planned I can run a test this week-end.

Au revoir, 
         le Champignon du Nord


  1. Great to see things are getting serious now. Seems that the Tactica inspired you a bit.

    The mould looks very good, can't wait to see finished castings.

    I'll be around on sunday, if you plan to cast that day just let me know and I'll drop in (and convince you to cast some bases for me in the future :D).

    Ceep casting ;)

  2. Hey - good to have you here :)

    Unfortunately I can't leave, darn old lady in the first floor caused water damage. At first it was raining in my kitchen/bathroom and now the walls seem to be severely damaged, too. It smells like dungeon in here ... I should grasp some inspiring vibes while I can :)!

    I'm afraid all I can do this week-end is sculpt, no casting yet :(