Friday, 3 August 2012

In the mood for ogres

I recently started sculpting again and my first impulse was "I want ogres !", and I thought why not start a whole unit of ogres ?

Starting on the left, going down: let's call them "Bulldog", "Gremlin", "Scarface", "Grandma", "Basic" and "Orc". Made from pre-made 15mm ogre-type dollies, toe to top of the head 25mm, no hair yet.

The plan is sculpting 6 minis with swappable weapon arms (right arms) and heads, different armor and stances. Not the very fat type, not to beastly but not too human either. They'll probably end up looking more like a bunch of brawlers then like a real unit.

Cheers, Nico :)

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