Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hi, again

Since yesterday, I was able to create a basis for the main skeletal musculature and the tail. I attached an image of an older attempt at a manticore's tail but I decided to try something different this time. The armature is still missing a head, for a reason.

What about the head ... ? Well I'm not perfectly sure how to make it. The classic Manticore is depicted having a human face and countless teeth, I'd like to stay with that impression but probably less literate.

Let's be honest here: a 4-legged creature and a human head, that's cartoon. There's nothing wrong with cartoons but I'd like to go a bit more horror. Modern, realistic horror, not vintage cinema horror.

It seems the media constantly tries to be more serious and scientific since the internet made such a huge impact on humanity. People can google now, being sceptic and curious is a lot easier today, people hold a lot more "useless knowledge" and thus are less likely to be horrified.

Horror needs to look more realistic now, so let's try and work with a modern and more probable concept (by the way, this is going to be a Manticore, of course ;) ) and let people feel "Hell, this thing could be out there somewhere !".

Back to the concept: Countless teeth ? I've heard that before !

Sharks ! And sharks are horrifying too ! Endless hunger, lifeless eyes, known to be tougher than a tank. How's that not scary ? Perfect, let's consider working with this :)

But a shark's not really human, is it ? What makes us look human anyway ?

If you ask me, it's what makes us different from all other animals: hands and a very peculiar nose. 

With all this, a Manticore still needs to be a majestic lion. So the mission is clear now: Combine a shark's head with a lion's and point out is has some kind of weird nose without making it look too ridiculous.

Cheers, Nico :)