Friday, 28 September 2012

Dryads or clay on a stick ?

viewer's decision

Using  twigs as armatures for these three (not yet) arboreal beauties was alluringly logical - what else would be more appropriate ?
I'm still figuring out if I have to cut of parts to reduce undercuts without making them look to flat.

The idea was leaving the branches leafless, so you can modify them to fit surrounding terrain.


... and for the gourmets amongst you, here's some culinary findings:

Armillaria and a single Red Cracking Bolete, which has a simple but particularly interesting sour taste.

Cheers :)


  1. Definately dryads. An idea. You could supply them with faces that could be added as desired.
    last year I found 7 kilos of Boletus edulis in one woodland clearing! And also last year I ate a boletus luridus (my friend said it was perfectly ok) but we also drank some wine...he was not, I got a very bad rash somewhere best not mentioned :-D

  2. Separate faces in 15mm ? Not a bad idea, but sounds like fiddly bits and bobs. I'm turning a bit greenish, 7kg of edulis is a lot ! Oh boy, never try new mushrooms with alcohol :) ! A similar boletus, luridiformis, is growing just a few metres from my door, under a tree at the street. I would've tried it, but it probably grew off dog piss or worse. It looks so weird I'll have to eat one someday, though !