Info and Contact

This blog was set up to display some sculpts and minis which I eventually intend so sell online, mostly 15mm fantasy.

if you'd like to get in contact or have some work for me, just drop me a mail: mushroom.miniatures at

for work samples, check this blog or the gallery.


About Me:

I'm a design student, sculptor and miniature lover from the very north of Germany in my mid-twenties. Despite my young age, I'm into wargame miniatures for about 20 years now. My mother bought me heroquest on a flea market when I was 5, although I remember giving a handful of toy soldiers I found in a sandbox to a girl I liked at an even earlier age (yep, sandbox-lovers and all, good old times). That's basically as long as one could possible be into miniatures, which makes me an irredeemable miniature-nerd I guess. Besides minis, quite obviously, I enjoy nature, films, sports and exercising, an occasional drink, good food and working on creative projects with utmost dedication. Whatever I do, I try doing it with a smile – so cheers :) !


  1. Hi,
    Sehr schöne sachen!!! Die Pixies, Djinn und der jaberwocky interessieren mich..aber Google mail funktioniert nicht bei hier ist meinen Mail;

    1. Hey Paul :)

      Vielen Dank für dein Interesse, du hast Mail!

      mfG Nico