Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Square One

Since this is the first posting in a blog about miniatures, I guess it would be bold not to start with a picture:

My try on a djinn, I hope you like it. He's larger than a human but smaller than an ogre should be in this scale. Almost done, still missing his knuckles. I tried to catch and reflect the impression of a powerful being, magically bound to a lamp and forced into eternal slavery, waiting for a chance to turn against his master and free himself. Cunning and determined, yet not too dominant. For now, this little fella is resting in his former master's tomb until I find time and inspiration to let a group of oriental adventurers raid his chambers.


your lovely little fungoid lotus-eater


  1. Amazing sculpt! I can't believe that is 15mm. Keep up the inspirational work, I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  2. Thanks, he's 15mm in scale, actually 31mm from the base to the top of his hair. I'll keep up as long as the muses kiss me ;)

  3. this is actually very good. you should try to do this commercially.

  4. Go for it dude! We did the same competition for Pendraken!

    1. Hey there! Yeah, I remember your stuff, good to see you around. Saw your giant a while ago but didn't really recognize him as yours. Are you planning to sculpt more of these ?

      Cheers :)