Saturday, 3 March 2012

RTV Master Mould

My favourite occupation this week-end: preparing a master mould for my spin-caster. Since the majority of the sculpts in it (mostly armatures and bits + a few critters) won't withstand the vulcanisation heat and pressure, it's made of ht/rtv silicone (shore|a 40). I can't say for sure it will work in rtv but I'll have a try and run a test next week. If it does there's loads of stuff I can do in the near future without having to think about adequate sculpting materials.

The first layer, day 1. A thin layer of rtv silicone to keep the softness for undercuts

The second layer, day 2. Should be finally cured by monday morning (latest). This makes only one half of a mould then, of course, but it's a start.

Have a nice week-end :)

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